Friday, May 10, 2013

It Doesn't Suck To Be Angels Pitcher C.J. Wilson (Just Check Out His Model Fiance)

Tell me if I'm wrong guys, but when we were in high school and college there were just a few things we needed to have the perfect life--babes, beer, bad ass ride, bucks, and balls (baseballs, footballs; whatever your game of choice is).

Most of us are probably far from living the life that we envisioned back then, but not Angels starting pitcher C.J. Wilson. No, he's got  it all--he's got the balls (starting pitcher for a MLB team); he's got the bucks (5-year, $75 million contract--so he can clearly afford the beer); he's got the bad ass ride and will be getting THE ride next year.

And now he has the babe as well.

Who cares what C.J. looks like, right?
The happy twosome announced the engagement via Twitter on Wednesday with Lisalla posting a pitcher of the rock C.J gave her (it was a doozy).

If you don't keep up with your supermodels, Lisalla is a Brazilian supermodel. So I'm guessing that while being exotic and hot she will also have one of those incredibly sexy accents...

Yeah. C.J. is doing pretty good for himself.

The duo has yet to announce a date, but with the season in progress you have to think they will wait till the fall or maybe early next spring. C.J. probably would not mind if it was next spring. That way he'd be able to pick up his other baby, the ultra-exclusive 903-hp McLaren P1 hypercar.

For a meager $1.15 million.

Yeah, not only does C.J. have fantastic taste in women, but the man has a thing for one of a kind sports cars.  To be allowed to buy it--yes, allowed--he had to basically interview with the car company and prove that he was worthy of owning one of just 375 of what is arguably the fastest piece of machinery in the world.

No, it certainly doesn't suck to be C.J. Wilson.

Oh--and here are a few pics of Lisalla:


Oh, and did I mention he owns his own race car and race team? Yeah, it really doesn't suck to be C.J. Wilson.

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