Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Official--LeBron James Wins Fourth NBA MVP Award

Early in the weekend the 'news' broke that LeBron James would be named the NBA MVP for the fourth time on Sunday. Shocker right? Tell us something that we don't know!

What we didn't know was whether he would make history by becoming the first player to win the award by a unanimous vote. Well--we now know that answer (and secretly Shaq is smiling).

Most of the world expected to see LeBron win the award by a unanimous vote, but just like the way Shaquille O'Neal was robbed back in 2000 there was one person that did not vote for LeBron.

He was one vote short of unanimous.

Go ahead and shake your heads Miami Heat and LeBron James fans. While Carmelo Anthony--who received the only other vote--had a great season and a tremendous run to close out the season, to say it was better than LeBron's is hard to fathom.

Then again, there were a number of things about this vote that are cause for head-scratching (as pointed out in this Yahoo article).

Kevin Durant was not in the top five for five voters. Kevin Durant?! Who in any other season would be a hands down MVP winner for his body of work this year.

Ty Lawson got a fifth place vote (not sure why). Joakim Noah, in spite of missing a good chunk of the season received a handful of fifth place nods. Stephen Lee got a few fifth place ones and David Lee even snagged one.

With the exception of Kevin Durant you can look at the others and just blow them off as fifth place votes; they aren't even the first, second, or third best loser. With the number of quality performances by many of the league's stars this season it is just a little interesting to see some of these guys rated so high.

Kind of makes you wonder about the voting process a little bit.

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