Wednesday, May 15, 2013

J.J. Watt Knew What He Wanted When He Was Just Little J.J Watt

In Houston I doubt this man can walk down the street without getting a pat on the back or a request for him and the rest of the Houston Texans to kick some behind next season. Show his face and fans around the country will know he is--one of the fiercest defensive weapons in the NFL today.

Want to see when he didn't look so fierce?

J.J. Watt recently posted this picture of himself to his Twitter account. Apparently when he was just 7 he already knew what he wanted to be (then again, who doesn't want to be a pro something or other when they are 7).

He has certainly made it happen, much to the pleasure of Texans fans everywhere. It probably helped that he had some pretty good inspiration back  in the day as well.

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