Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kobe Bryant Has Been Bitten By the Bad Side of the Twitter Bug

Fans were pretty happy when the Black Mamba joined up with Twitter earlier this season, and it has been pretty cool. The pics from the hospital after he got hurt were pretty cool. It just further proved that he is a player for the people and understands how important the fans are.

However, as nice as it has been to have arguably the greatest player in the game and one of the best ever tweeting I think recent events are proof that he might have been better off leaving Twitter to those crazy youngsters instead (although we wouldn't have #vino otherwise...).

Recently--either Friday night or early Saturday I believe--Kobe sent the following tweet:

Now if you have been following the latest news about Kobe then you know this has to do with his Mom selling off a lot of his mementos from over the years; all kinds of stuff--jerseys, trophies, awards.

The kind of stuff that you would think a Mom would want to hold onto because it represents what her baby boy has done over the years (yeah, I'm on Kobe's side here--100 percent).

Apparently Mom figured he must not want any of it since he's left it at her house for so long. So when she decided she wanted to buy a nice house out by Vegas she contacted an auction house to sell it all off. The overall haul is expected to easily hit a $1.5 million so they advanced her a cool $450 K.

Now as near as I can piece the whole sordid mess together Kobe offered to help with the house to the tune of $250K. Mom said not good enough; need $450K. Kobe didn't bend and it was at that time that Mom struck the deal with the auction house who advanced her the money she wanted.

Kobe has helped his parents plenty over the years, but to sell off pieces of his career because he balks when more money is demanded is just wrong. Yeah, the man may be making close to $30 million for this season, but that doesn't mean he has to be the money tree. Over the years he has helped the family out with millions of dollars so it isn't like he's been stingy.

Is it any surprise to hear that the Kobe and his parents haven't always gotten along the best?

So why has he been 'bitten by the bad side of the Twitter Bug?'

It is bad enough that this whole mess and every other mess that he (and every other celebrity) has been involved in has to play out in the media. I can't imagine what that would be like--although I wouldn't mind being so famous (and wealthy) that my baggage would interest people.

Where celebrities like Kobe go wrong is when they add fuel to the fire by talking to the media or venting like he did with this tweet via social media. Yes, his feeling are his feelings. They are valid and important, but to vent them over social media just gives the vultures (the media--including bloggers like me) more fuel.

Twitter makes it so easy to share that it ccan be tempting to do so while emotions are in control and before you know it the whole world knows somethign that you wish had been kept private.

Make 'em work for it Kobe (and any other celeb), and let private matters be private matters. We may not get the gossip we want, but it has to be better for you and the family.

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