Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kobe Bryant Makes the Rest of Us Look Bad

Guys--correct me if I am wrong, but our wives/girlfriends like to claim that it is not the price tag on the gift that counts, but the thought right? As long as it is something that is from the heart and really shows that we care they are cool with it (supposedly).

So we do it. We put our hearts and soul into coming up with the right gift that says what we feel, but doesn't keep us from paying our mortgage at the end of the month.

It's not easy all the time, and sometimes we can't help but wonder if she really likes it or if she is just being polite. Hey--most of us are not men of incredible means so we can only do so much!

Then there are guys like Kobe Bryant that make us look bad with their extreme thoughtfulness and bountiful back accounts. Recently the Black Mamba celebrated his lovely wife's birthday. To commemorate her special day he had a nice Italian meal prepared.

By a chef he flew in from Italy; from her favorite eating establishment in Milano (because everyone has one, right?).

Italy Kobe? Come on man! Good thing my wife isn't a basketball fan. I'd hate for her to get any ideas from you man. Heck, the best I could do on a blogger's salary (yeah, I said salary; go ahead and laugh) are a pair of pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets (but I love you honey)!

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