Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Levi's Stadium the New Home of the San Francisco 49ers

These days for NFL teams it is all about the stadium--bigger, better, and more luxurious. The San Francisco 49ers know this which is why they are building a new home. When it opens for the 2014 season it will have a name that will be familiar to all. No--not Steve Young Stadium or the House that Joe (Montana) Built.

But Levi's Stadium (don't you love corporate sponsorship?).

Levi's was founded in San Francisco back in 1873 so there is some historical significance to it. It will definitely give the stadium some worldwide name recognition thanks to the popular brand name and possibly give the city some help in talking the NFL into awarding it the 2016 Super Bowl.

The big question I have is this--how long before we see a commercial with Colin Kaepernick in Levi's showing up Brett Favre in his Wranglers? or an SNL spoof?

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