Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LSU Head Coach Les Miles Knows How to Work A Recruit

Coaching in college is tough. At best you can lock up a player that can start for you for four seasons and that is only if he i good enough to start as a freshman. A lot of players are not that good meaning coaches have to find replacements every two or three years if not sooner.

So when you find a recruit that you can see starting early and often you better do whatever it takes to lock him up and get him to commit. The question often is what does 'whatever it takes' mean? For LSU head coach Les Miles it means you pull out all the stops to make the player feel like he is coming home.

If necessary--you sing.

Cameron Robinson is a 6'6" offensive tackle that tips the scales at about 315 pounds and he is a five star recruit currently playing for West Monroe (LA). To prove to Cameron how much he cares and wants him to come to LSU, Miles called up Cameron so he could sing 'Happy Birhday' to his mother.

Actually--it wasn't just Les. He got his whole family to sing to Cameron's Mom over the phone.

How can you not want to play for someone like that takes out the time to do something like that for your family? It did make an impact on Cameron who tweeted this message out:
"Les Miles & his Family just song Happy Birthday to my Momma on tha phone lol."
Word is that LSU is one of his top choices, but he is still looking at Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida, Florida State, and Georgia.

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