Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mark Cuban: Shark Tank Will Not Interfere With Free Agency This Year

Mark Cuban is determined to get his team back to the post season and is ready to get to work to insure that it happens. Unlike last off-season he is not going to let anything else--like his hit reality show Shark Tank--get in the way.

"I will be chasing free agents and not at Shark Tank on July 1st," said Cuban. "So I'll get that out of the way. I've been grinding. I keep that trophy ... to remind me every morning what the goal is. There's no other focus right now. I've got, I don't know 70 businesses, they all know right now it's all about basketball."
It was no secret last off-season that the Dallas Mavericks wanted Deron Williams so when Mark Cuban failed to show up for a meeting with Williams it was kind of a surprise. Even though it was due to a contractual obligation the talented point guard was not  pleased that the owner of the team couldn't make the meeting.

So he went with Brooklyn instead.

When the NBA opens up its free agency period on July 1 there will be some big names up for grabs and the Mavericks have two guys on their list--Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Cuban wanted Howard last off-season, and it is no secret that he really wants a deal to happen with the big man this year as well.

It helps that the team has plenty of room under the cap and that its current star, Dirk Nowitzki, is willing to do whatever it  takes to get a marquee name on the roster as well. Howard has mentioned Dallas as one of the teams he is interested in.

Should he come for a visit this time Cuban will be there.

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