Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jacksonville Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew Charged with Battery For Punching Security

When fans think of Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew assaulting things they are usually thinking of defenders and rushing records, but in light of recent events they may have to start including night club security guards as well.

It appears that MJD and some friends were hanging out at the Conch House in St. Augustine, Florida, during what's known as 'Reggae Sundays' when Jones-Drew struck a security guard and knocked him out.

According to the police report obtained by those crafty rascals at TMZ, one of his friends was asked by security to stop touching a female patron on her behind. The friend responded by slapping the security guard on the chest.

Yeah, you can guess what happened next.

During the fight security personnel had the friend in a headlock in an attempt to stop the chaos when MJD
stepped in and hit him in the jaw. His jaw was pretty swollen when he was giving his statement to police and he did end up going to the hospital.

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