Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memphis Tigers Senior D.J. Stephens Records Highest Vertical Leap in NBA History

D.J. Stephens was a good player in college--just like a lot of guys. There was next to no chance he was going to be drafted into the NBA up until he was working out for the Brooklyn Nets and made NBA history in the process.

How? Because he had an incredible 46" vertical leap during workouts!

There isn't a video of the leap in question available (at least not that I can find), but there is one of him jumping so high he was able to give the rim a big fat smooch.

That kind of ability packed with the fact that he does stand a respectable 6'5" and he was a good player in college (just not great) will not get him drafted (late second round at best), but it will get a few teams to at least want to give him a look.

Who knows...under the right coach and with a little time in the D-League...

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