Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Proof That Geno Smith is Perfect for the New York Jets Circus

I love the New York Jets. I know that must seem strange since I often post things that are not too complimentary to the team, but I do. I totally dig these guys. Every league should have a VH1-style reality show train wreck for fans to enjoy as it implodes and bumbles through the season.

Fans were hoping that the draft would help right the ship, but I doubt that is the case. Whatever tools Geno Smith brings to the table (which I do not think are many) he brings as much baggage as any other player on the team already has.

Case in point is the recent phone/texting news that has come to light.

Why doesn't anyone want me? Why? Why? Why? 
A couple of executives on other teams have shared their two cents on the latest QB to join Mark Sanchez under the Big Top. According to them Geno Smith seemed almost put out when he showed up to their facility for a pre-draft visit; like he couldn't be bothered to pay attention or act like he wanted to be there.
“His biggest problem is that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know,” said one league executive. “I’m not sure he knows how to take instruction because he pretty much wouldn’t listen or talk to our coaches.” 
“All these other players who were in there were talking to the coaches, trying to get to know people and he was over there by himself,” one of the sources said. “That’s not what you want out of your quarterback.” 
“He doesn’t have much presence, not much of a leader,” said another league executive. “I don’t think he’s a bad person, but that’s not enough to be a quarterback in this league.”
He seemed more interested in texting someone and checking out his phone!

A quarterback is a leader by default. If he doesn't want to be one doesn't matter. As the man that the whole offense works through he has to be a leader. If he isn't the offense will suck (right Mark Sanchez?).

A leader has to care. He has to be able to put on the brave face and act like he wants to be there--or like everything is okay in the huddle when the team is down and the game is on the line. He didn't really give that kind of impression to anyone. Some executives were too concerned that no one wold like him in the locker room.

It's kind of hard to lead when no one wants to listen to you.

You have to show people respect Geno. That's one of the many reason why you dropped outof the first round (not your agents).

Of course with this guy still taking snaps from center all he really needs to do is avoid the center's behind when he runs the ball and he'll be an upgrade.

Hair bands are going to be so cool after people see me wearing them.

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