Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nazr Mohammed Apologizes For Shoving LeBron James--Sort Of

It was the shove heard 'round the basketball loving world! I''m talking about that moment in Game Three of the Miami Heat/Chicago Bulls series when Nazr Mohammed took offense to what he believed was LeBron James trying to trip him and sent the league MVP to the floor instead.

And now he is saying he is sorry. Sort of.

On Twitter Nazr did apologize for his actions during the game. It was a classy move to say the least. He did offer an explanation of why he did what he did, but took accountability for his actions and recognized them as unacceptable.

What I really likes though was that he took the time to say something to the kids. His apology was good, but I really dig that he bothered to point out to any kids that might be checking his Twitter feed that you shouldn't play that way.

But then he hints that given the same circumstances he would do it again?

Two steps forward and one step back Nazr. Great move apologizing; better move teaching the kids a lesson. Next time--since we now know there very well could be one--leave the last little bit out. It takes away from the first two.

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