Monday, May 27, 2013

New York Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Wields the Power of Twitter for Good (and a hot model; yeah there's pics)

Matt Harvey is one of the hottest pitchers in baseball this season. The youngster is playing in his first full season with the New York Mets after making his debut during last season and is tearing it up! After 10 starts he has a 5-0 record, 1.93 ERA, and 74 strikeouts to his name.

And a totally hot model for a girlfriend that he can thank Twitter he has.

As the story goes the two met at a New York Rangers game a few weeks ago in an elevator. Harvey--using the courage of a thousand men--struck up a pretty decent conversation. Following the ride he tweeted this:

According to legend, Anne V (because all the hot models drop their last names once they make it) learned of the tweet. Sometime after that her phone number made it into Matt Harvey's hands and the rest is no history.

So guys, if you happen to run into a smoking hot SI swimsuit model be sure and strike up a non-creepy conversation and then tweet about it afterwards (also in a non-creepy kind of way).

Now--time for the pics as promised in the title, all from the lovely Anne V's work in Sports Illustrated:




You've done well Matt. You've done well.

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