Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New York Mets Want to Make the Yankees Pay--Literally

If there is one thing that rivals often want to make their hated counter-part do it is make them pay. It doesn't matter if they won last time you played or if you did. They are your rival, and just because they are who you think they are (right Dennis Green?) they must pay.

During the three game series with the Yankees (May 28-30) that is just what the Mets are planning on making their cross-town rival do--or at least their families.

Rumor has it that the Yankees are pretty mad because they feel that the Mets are overcharging their family members for tickets. Supposedly seats for the family is costing Yankees upwards of $250 a pop.


The real injustice is not the price, but the perception that the Mets are cranking up the cost just for them. During the Mets recent home stand with the Atlanta Braves, tickets for family of the Braves were just $80 a pop.

Okay, now that does seem kind of messed up.

The Mets actually have a pretty good defense though. It's been a longstanding practice of the good folks at Citi Field to charge according to demand and not a set price. While the Braves are a solid team, the Yankees are the Yankees. Whenever the most successful team in baseball history takes the field the demand is always going to be high.

So there is a method to the madness, but it is still a pretty hefty hike. How many relatives could the Yankees possibly bring anyway?

Likely not enough to impact the bottom line since there were around 13,000 empty seats for Game One Tuesday.

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