Friday, May 10, 2013

Nothing Wrong With J.J. Watt; Internet Rumors False

Rest easy Houston Texans fans! One of your favorite sons is absolutely fine--J.J. Watt was not in a car accident. No broken legs for the big fella.

Apparently some yahoo decided to spread the rumor that the big man had gotten in a rather serious car accident in Miami and suffered a pair of broken legs in the process. While that would still not keep him from providing a good pass rush against Jacksonville and Indianapolis it might make it kind of hard to play in the other 12 games.

The rumor is of course not true. J.J. took to Twitter Thursday to clear up the confusion:

Then again, that came from the Web too. How do we know it is legit?

Therein lies the main problem with the World Wide Web and the so called Information Age. We may be privy to information about all sorts of things almost as it happens, but in an attempt to be first news outlets and bloggers do not fact check nearly enough.

Nowadays you almost have to wait a day or two to believe what you see on the news just to make sure they don't print/broadcast a retraction and an apology.

That being said, glad you are okay J.J., and hey--did anyone here that rumor about Terrell Owens becoming the new wide receiver coach for Western Kentucky?

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