Monday, May 6, 2013

Potential Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader a Grandma?

When it comes to cheerleaders the first name that pops into the minds of just about everyone in the free (and heck probably the Communist world too) world thinks of first and foremost is the legendary Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Women travel from all over the country to try out for the squad; there has even been a reality show based around the tryouts (I have no idea if it is still on). The fact of the matter is a spot on the squad is highly sought after.

So when a woman signed up that has a 19, 14, and 11-year old as well as a little granddaughter that is an adorable two-years old--well, it got some attention.

She is Susie Sanchez. She is 39-years old and she used to cheer for the Oakland Raiders.
“I thought why not?” Sanchez said. “I got to go to the big guys. I've got to go to the best team in the NFL."
Susie was with the Raiders just two seasons ago, making the squad shortly after her granddaughter was born--so its's not like she is just trying to relive the glory days from from yesteryear. She's pretty fresh top the scene and definitely looks the part.

Like everyone else she got her 90 seconds to dance in front of the judges. What happens from here is anyone's guess, but in total there were 400 ladies that tried out so the odds for anyone are pretty long. This is something she is all too familiar with since it took her five tries to make the Raiders squad.

In Arlington for the tryout.

Supporting the troops with two other Raiderettes.

Susie wasn't the oldest person that tried out; there was a 41-year old. Should she make it she will not be the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. That honor belongs to 42-year old Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Laura Vikmanis.

No word yest on whether a certain Houston blogger is going to have something to say about this cheerleader as well.

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