Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prince Harry Shows Off His Swing in Harlem

It certainly doesn't suck to be a prince. Just check out what Prince Henry (you know who I'm talking about) has been up to.

Recently the person that is third in line for the English throne was hanging out in Harlem hitting a few balls with New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira (including one home run). Okay, so Tex is not exactly known for his pitching, but does that really matter?

This came after the Prince was at a party to celebrate the 18th birthday of Olympic swimming champion Missy Franklin.

Next up was a stop at the Air Force Academy in Colorado where he got to throw a ball around and hang out with some cheerleaders. For some reason NCAA regs didn't allow any of the players to be involved; head coach Troy Calhoun even had to get a special waiver.

It wasn't all sports, all the time. The Prince did go out and see some of the damage that was done to the Jersey Shore by super storm Sandy. Can you imagine what kind of episode it would have made had he been out there with Ronnie, Paulie D, and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew?

While it might have been perfect for the Prince to wrap up an American visit with an NBA or NHL playoff game he went with something a little more familiar--a polo match in Connecticut.

Yeah, sounds like a vacation most of us wouldn't mind taking.


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