Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Richard Sherman Hires Infamous Replacement Ref For Charity Softball Game

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman could have gotten anyone to act as the umpire for his up-coming charity softball game. Any number of Seattle-based celebrities would have likely jumped at the chance to be a part of the July 7 event in Tacoma.

But just getting anyone would not be his style. He wanted it to be someone special; someone unique. He got the ref that made the touchdown call in the Seattle/Green Bay game.

Yeah. THAT guy.

I don't know what Sherman is going to pay the man (Lance Easley), but for the ridicule that he is going to take I hope it is substantial. Then again, he'll be headed into a part of the country that was in favor of his decision (wrong or right) since it's team  benefited from it.

He might be treated like a rock star.

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