Thursday, May 23, 2013

So What's Next for Brian Urlacher?

The Chicago Bears already said good bye to Brian Urlacher, but the former great didn't decide to call it a career until yesterday (Wednesday). Personally, I didn't see him really hanging it up; I thought he was likely going to drag his feet filing his papers and as soon as someone got hurt and teams had a need he would be back.

After reading some of his comments in the Chicago Tribune I've changed my mind. We've seen the last of Brian Urlacher in a football uniform.

These comments appeared in a Chicago Tribune article:
Honestly, I'm done. I don't want to play anymore. ... As old as I am and as much as my body is sore right now, I'm tired of working out. 
Well it doesn't get more clear then that. When you don't want to put the work in anymore it is time to walk away.

So that brings the million dollar question to mind--what's next for Brian Urlacher? Is he the next experiment for ESPN? Will he just fade away? Coaching?

Or will he relive his wrestling days? He didn't look too bad in the clip above from 2004....

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  1. thank you for 13 great years, and best of luck always! bear down

  2. lol shades of mongo in him bear down

    1. Ah! A Blazing Saddles remake! Interesting notion...he would make a good Mongo!