Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spurs Died by the THREE in Game 2

Spurs Died by the THREE in Game 2
--by David Rountree

The San Antonio Spurs are known for having a high-powered offense and it is very dependent on the three-point shot. The Spurs have several three-point specialists on the roster, all that which failed to show up in Game 2 of the Western Semi-Finals. The Spurs shot an abysmal 5 for 21 from the three-point line, which adds up to a shocking 23% from the field. The Spurs as a team could not make the Golden State Warriors pay for leaving them open, several players missed wide open baskets at key junctures of the game.

The lack of success from behind the arc made Tony Parker’s night in the paint much tougher. The painted area was able to remain clogged for most of the game, and it also neutralized Tim Duncan’s effectiveness down the stretch as well. Good shooting would free up the Spur’s stars and give them easier looks at the basket...

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