Friday, May 3, 2013

Terrell Owens is a Pro Again--Just Not in Football

Transitioning from being one of the best wide receivers in the game to the rest of his life has been a challenge for Terrell Owens. He has made it no secret that he wants to be a pro once again, there just hasn't been a team that is willing to take a chance on a player with his baggage and now age (39).

I have to give the man some credit for still trying, but for his transition. His reality show didn't do him any favors, but his acting turn on Mathew Perry's sitcom was great. If you follow him on Twitter then you know he has been an owner for a pro bowling team which he promotes heavily.

Now it appears that the man is more than just an owner. He's made his professional bowling debut--and he's good!

[Terez Owens]
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