Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Plaxico Burress Collection--of Socks (seriously)

Life after football is something that no player looks forward to dealing with. For Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress it will not be as shocking as it will be for others since he has already stepped away from the game once (when he went to jail).

Maybe since Plaxico has already stepped away from the game once he's trying to make sure that he has a fall back plan that does not involve going to prison.


Go ahead and let that sink in a little. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it either.

Yes, sports fans, Plaxico is getting into socks. The former Super Bowl champion even had a big launch party complete with champagne towers and hot models (see above) to officially announce the line and show it off. From the pics that are online it looks like the party was a blast, but there is one thing that I couldn't help but wonder.

In none of the pictures that Plax is in does he show off his socks.

If you are at a launch party for your socks shouldn't you be showing them off? Perhaps what is most surprising is not that he doesn't sport his own apparel at the party, but something he said.
“I’ve been planning my sock line from behind the scenes for a couple of years; nobody even knew I was doing it,” said Burress. “So it’s a lot of hard work that got me to this point.”
A couple years for socks? Really? What was there to do?

I don't know Plax. I applaud your ingenuity and your desire to be prepared for life after football, but if you want that life to come later rather than sooner you might want to think less about socks and more about your playbook.


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