Friday, May 24, 2013

Tim Duncan is Cool With the Divorce But Not Till After the Playoffs

The San Antonio Spurs need to have Tim Duncan focused and ready to play. He is no longer the leading scorer on the team, but his contribution is immeasurable as he sets the example that every young player should hope to follow--which is why he has to be focused when the Spurs take on the Grizzlies

And not sweating divorce proceedings

It appears that Amy, the soon to be former Mrs. Duncan, filed for divorce over two months ago. It does not look like it is a harsh split, nor does it seem as if Tim is contesting it either.

What he does want is for things to slow down or just wait about 30 days before progressing any further. Why? Because he wants to concentrate on winning an NBA championship.

In some paperwork that Tim's lawyer recently filed for him he claimed his job was:
...currently making extraordinary demands on him and hopefully will continue to make those demands for the next 30 or so days.
His story is pretty easy to check. Just turn on your television and click on the news or  SportsCenter. They are bound to talk about the NBA playoffs at some point.

There is no reason to believe that Amy is going to contest Duncan's wish. That is, unless she decides the prenup is insufficient and wants to hold Tim up for more money.

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  1. If she was the one cheating, the slut should not get a dime!