Saturday, May 25, 2013

Titus Young Continues Downward Spiral; Ignores Judge in Court

Few people have crashed and burned quite like former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young. What first looked like another case of a football player that got too big for his britches turned into one about a guy that needs help dealing with some mental issues.

As much as I want to feel for the guy, after hearing about his latest exploit in court, well--you can only feel for someone so much that takes every chance possible to do himself harm.

When in court recently Young made a point to allienate himself from the judge by ignoring the court in what was meant to be a friendly, cordial exchange:
Judge: “Good morning, sir.”
Young: No reply.
Judge: “Can you hear me?”
Young: No reply.
Judge: “Are you Titus Demetrius Young?”
Young: No reply.
His Dad tried to talk to him, but got nowhere. All his lawyer could really do was say he was exercising his right to be silent.

Come on man. This makes no sense what so ever. What do you think you gain by being quiet quiet? All you had to do was say 'good morning' or hello--anything! Instead you give the judge every reason to throw the book at you since you want to be rude!

That's not to say that the judge is going to be harder on Young because he refused to speak, but with no comments from him at all there is little left to do but work off the facts of the case and the absolute letter of the law--not good for Titus!

As it was, the judge added three counts onto Titus's slate bringing his total number of charges up to 11. In light of the additional charges, his bale was doubled to $50,000. 

Mental health is no joke, and with such destructive behavior I have to think that they are going to evaluate him sooner rather than later.

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