Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Titus Young Taking a Risky Route to Getting Back in the Game

Titus Young may have just saved his football career with his latest and stupidest move to date (who knows--he could do something even dumber still...).

He was loved once...once...
Everyone knows that malcontents and disruptive loud mouths are not wanted anywhere in the league (right TO?). Titus Young proved he was definitely a malcontent with his actions in Detroit and the uproar he caused on Twitter demanding his release (or the ball) showed what a virtual loud mouth he can be.

And sure enough he has yet to get any bites--at least any worth making the news--since his very short stay with the St. Louis Rams (who cut him after realizing that the Detroit reports were not blown out of proportion at all).

So what is a football player to do?

Well--there is one type of player that seems to get acceptance by fans and teams pretty well--criminals and convicts. For some odd reason it is pretty easy to get in all kinds of trouble with the law and even go to federal prison (if not just regular old jail) and then get another chance in the NFL. There are too many examples of that to count!

So maybe that is what Titus was thinking when he was recently busted for a DUI. Then again, lots of guys get DUIs these days so that may not be convict enough to really get the sympathy vote he'll need to have a chance in he** of making an NFL roster again.

What is an enterprising individual like Titus to do? He ups the future convict ante by breaking into the police impound lot in a rather stupid attempt to get his car back (that was impounded after he was arrested for driving drunk).

Oh--did I mention that this went down just 15 hours after the whole drunk driving fiasco?

I guess it would have been too easy to just pay the fine or call a friend for a ride. Or maybe he acts with his 'friends' the same way he does with his teammates and everyone was 'busy.'

Now that he is going to be embroiled in legal trouble for sometime his NFL stock is sure to rise. Heck, it does with every other lawbreaker (no ideas here TO or Ochocinco...).

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