Friday, May 3, 2013

Universal Pictures Will Pay Buffalo Bills Fans to Show Up For a Game

The Buffallo Bills have not seen the right side of a winning record in some time yet many of their faithful fans show up each and every week to their home games (to tailgate if nothing else). After the draft the hope is probably as high in upstate New York as it has been since the Jim Kelly days so attendance should be good.

However, just to be on the safe side Universal Pictures is willing to pay them to show up for one game.

Now the game is for a movie--The Best Man Holiday a sequel to the '99 flick The Best Man-- so the Bills are not going to be on the field playing, but the studio is in need of extras to fill the stands.

So on May 5 (yes--in just a couple days for those who live in the Buffalo area) the studio will be signing people up at the Ralph Wilson Stadium Healthy Zone Fieldhouse from 10am to 4pm. Happy Cinco de Mayo, right?

If they pick you when the studio shoots later in the month (as planned) all extras will be paid $120 essentially to act like fans watching a football game.

Well, they've been doing that since Jim Kelly retired so it should be easy! (sorry Bills fans; I couldn't resist)

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