Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Victor Cruz Wearing Out His Welcome in New York?

Two seasons ago Victor Cruz danced his way down the sideline and into the hearts of fantasy owners and New York Giants fans everywhere. As the popular wide receiver continues to hold out for a better contract his star is starting to lose some luster.

While his teammates were sweating through OTAs Cruz has been nowhere to be seen as he awaits a contract in the $10 million/season range. Rather than put in the work with his team it appears that he opted to head to the beautiful beaches of St. Barth's instead.

Apparently there were some that were not too happy that he was hanging out in paradise and not practicing.
"oh good you aren’t hurting for money! Get your ass to OTA’s"
"...go to practice"
"[naughtyword refering to female dogs] resign"
To be fair, there were also some fans that did support Cruz still so the fan base as a whole has not turned their back on Cruz--yet.

What fans tend to forget is that the game of football is a business as much as it is a game. While it would be great to think that our favorites will always be with our team they have to maximize their value when they can. A player's career can end on any given play so if he doesn't get paid now he may never.

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  1. Replies
    1. Interesting thought. Giants should be able to command a lot for him right now; he's young, plenty of great years left. But can they afford to? If so what do you think they could get?