Saturday, June 29, 2013

3 Things that Could Extend Ginobili’s Career

The San Antonio Spurs will begin their off-season process soon and will have to come to a decision on the Ginobili situation. Manu Ginobili is a free agent and is coming off an abysmal performance in the NBA Finals. This puts the Spurs in an awkward position this off season; it’s clear they what him back but not for anything near the 14 million dollars he made last season.

Ginobili knows that he is reaching the end of his career, so he should be expecting a pay cut. So if you’re the Spurs the question is “How low do you go?” How do you find a respectable balance?

Despite the dilemma you can count on the Spurs somehow re-signing the legendary guard. In return the Spurs will expect Ginobili to still contribute in a legitimate way, not on an all-star level but still contribute. So what things can Ginobili do to his game to stay relevant for the Spurs? .... see what Manu has to do follow the link to David Rountree's article at MVPTexas

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  1. Need to keep Manu, as he can still contribute when he is on. Yes he was mostly non-existant in these playoffs, but I believe he can still function in a backup role or as a first coming off the bench. I would think a good value would be in the 3-5 million dollar range, with a team option for the second year. I don't think Manu would play anymore that 2 years.