Monday, June 24, 2013

Aaron Hernandez Speaks!--or at Least His Lawyer Does

It's been several days now since the investigation began into the death of Odin Lloyd and still there has yet to be an arrest made although the police seem to be zeroing in on New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

For days we have heard about the invesitgation, and have often thought that an arrest warrant was being issued for Hernandez. So far--nothing.

The whole time there has been one thing that people have been hoping for--to hear from the man himself. Monday that almost happened--his lawyer released a statement.

The statement was short and sweet, and I don't think it really helped his client at all. Here is the statement in its entirety as tweeted by the Boston Globe's Wesley Lowery:


There are plenty of better legal minds to tear this apart than mine, but I do find it strange that of all the 'misinformation' that he choose to specifically mention the arrest warrant rumors. I'll grant him that the rumors have been ridiculous where those are concerned, but I would think that there might be more substantial things that he may have discredited instead.

But perhaps he didn't because that would have been giving the media/public/cops a bit of information that they don't already have. Anyone that has bee following this case at all knows that there have been countless reports claiming that an arrest warrant was being/has been/will be issued.

So telling us those were crap is nothing new--which was undoubtedly his intent all along.

I can't help but wonder why he decided to release a statement now. Had they released one last week proclaiming his innocence--like every good criminal/innocent person does--that at least fans would have something to hold onto. Instead there has been silence from the Hernandez Camp until this statement railing on the media.


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