Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AFC East is Now Up For Grabs--Almost

The day that fans of the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins have been dying for is finally here--the New England Patriots are vulnerable. No longer is the AFC East Bill Belichick's own private kingdom to do with as he wills.

It's a wide open race--or at least it would be if the Jets and Bills had improved any over the years. But the Dolphins though...


Since 2001 the Patriots have only lost the division twice and Tom Brady was out for the duration in one of those seasons. Fans almost have to be tired of buying up division winner t-shirts. It would not be shocking if the team was thinking about printing a whole bunch up without a year since the competition has been so bad.

This season it looks as if that is going to change.

Buffalo is still rebuilding and New York is still expected to start Mark Sanchez so expectations are low for both of those teams.

Now Miami--those guys are looking tough.

Last season they showed the promise fans hoped for with a rookie starting at quarterback, a brand new head coach, and two new coordinators. Ryan Tannehill showed signs of real promise though, and the defense was one of just seven to average less than 20 points a game.

Not bad, right?

The problem was consistency on offense--something to be expected with so many new parts--and a lack of weapons. Looking to 2013 the issue with consistency is not going to be a problem and they've added some weapons too in tight end Dustin Keller and wide receiver Mike Wallace.

Suffice it to say the stage is set in Miami for a breakout year.

As for New England--they may start the season without their two best weapons in tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski and lost their best one when Wes Welker left for Denver. Yes, they have added Danny Ammendola and a number of other players. Many of them are talented, but there is a reason why they were all let go by their former teams.

Tom Brady is the key to the offense, but even he has had at least one stud to work with. Next season he may not have one.

And that makes the Patriots mere mortals and ready to lose the division crown for the first time since 2008.

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