Monday, June 17, 2013

Bon Jovi and the Cleveland Browns Seriously Anger Fans

Cleveland Browns fans were excited to Fan Fest this year; not because the team is expected to actually be competitive for once. No, the excitement really had nothing at all to do with football or the Browns. It was for the Fan Kickoff Concert featuring legendary rock band Bon Jovi.

Go ahead. Squeal like a little school girl now. If I lived in Cleveland I know I would have.

Yes, I used the past tense on purpose. Why? Because after getting fans hopes up and excited for an awesome show the team has now announced that Bon Jovi has cancelled.

The Browns referred fans to the band for a reason, but the band did not offer one up. It just stated that the show had been cancelled.

As you could expect, this angered fans and not just a little bit. Many just wanted an explanation; others just voiced their displeasure in a nice way. Others--others were a little expressive with their anger:
"Jon I hope you read this!!! Next time you come on the Radio, BAM, change the channel! You coward, can't even give us an explanation!!!...I spent $250 on tickets and it's not about the money!! I will wipe my ass with the $250...Here is me giving you the "middle finger"!! I will never voluntarily listen to you again and my wife says the same!!"
"First Energy Stadium home of the Cleveland Browns is the next door neighbor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mr. Bonjiovi if you piss off the neighbors, no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for you."
"Great way to *uck somebody's day up! I live 4 hours from Cleveland!! I pray I get my high priced hotel reservation money back!!...It was the last time I probably will see Richie Sambora with your band. Maybe the last time I see your band!!..." 
No official word has been given as to why the show was cancelled, but it has been rumored that ticket sales were low. According to one person's comments general admission was in the $75 range and as much as $500 closer up.

With prices like that I can see why sales are low. I love me some Bon Jovi, but prices like that give love a bad name. It kind of makes it hard to keep the faith, you know what I mean? Fans will not get one wild night after all. Instead they are going to have to take their bad medicine and runaway.

[H/T to PlayersView]

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