Monday, June 17, 2013

Chicago Bears Could Soon Make Another Team Very, Very Happy

If there is one thing that a team never wants to do it is help a team they will face in the coming season. No matter the position, cutting or losing a player to free agency that an opponent picks up--well, it sucks.

And the Chicago Bears are thinking about doing just that.

Mike Morbeck/Flickr
If you can believe what you read on the internet (because everything on the internet is true) the Bears could end up cutting wide receiver/return man Devin Hester. The notion would have never come up under Lovie Smith, but now that there is a new regime in town his services may no longer be desired.

The public comments he made when Smith was fired are certainly not helping his case, but when it comes down to it the decision will be about performance. 

His skill as a return man is easily among the best in the NFL if not the best. Few have the speed and field vision like him. 

However, when the team has used him as a wide receiver the results have been sub-par. Over the last six seasons he has caught just over 50 percent of passes thrown his way and has more touchdowns returning punts and kicks (17) than receiving (14).

With a mediocre track record as a receiver his value in the return game may not be enough for new head coach Marc Trestman to keep him. According to CSN Chicago he is 'competing' in order to hold onto that job.

At 31 he is no longer a young cub, but he has yet to show any obvious signs that tend to come when players break the 30-year old barrier. He didn't score a touchdown in the return game last season, but his ability to break one open on every return forces teams to game plan for him. Not too many return men can claim that.

Should the team cut him it will save $1.85 million in cap space. Some may consider that a small amount when it comes to the benefit he could provide in the return game alone, but it appears that the Bears might not.

But there will undoubtedly be a number of teams lining up to take him should the Bears be foolish enough to cut him.


  1. Devin hester changed the game.when it comes to returns. credit to his running and field of vision. Teams have to account for that so what are we talking about here an oppertunity to put up points well then there's your answer like in war guys if you got it then we want is what will happen if he is released the man is not made to score tuchdowns in tradtion game play but what he can bring is more stress to the teams he goes up against. That to me sounds great

  2. let him go. He shut down the year he got his big contract,

  3. Cut Him. He's done nothing to earn his money for the past two seasons.