Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Austin Collie Wants to Play--and Hopefully No One Lets Him

Austin Collie wants to play football again, but it doesn't look like anyone is going to give him the chance--and that's good! It's not that he isn't good. Actually, he never really got the chance to fully develop as a pro. Thanks to injuries he has missed more time than he's played.

It's those injuries that are keeping him out of the game now, and hopefully--for his own good--will keep him out of it for good. After doing alright the first three years playing behind Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon as the No. 3 option (No. 4 if you throw in tight end Dallas Clark who was the real No. 2 behind Wayne) a ruptured patellar tendon knocked him out for the '12 season.

The knee isn't what has done him it--it's those pesky concussions. During the '12 preseason he got the third one of his career, and it took him an extraordinarily long time to recover from it.

One of the bad things about concussions is that once you get one it is easier to get another. Of course taking a long time to recover is a pretty bad sign as well.

In recent years we have really started to learn a lot about the dangers and potential long term affects that concussions can have on the quality of life long after a player is done with football. For him to have so many and just be 27? That certainly doesn't bode well for him....

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