Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Lineman Phil Costa Engaged to Brooke Hogan

Being a lineman in the NFL is tough. Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa knows all about that since entering the league as an undrafted free agent in 2010. Next to the Jets and now Patriots there probably isn't another team that is under as much scrutiny as the Cowboys making the job even tougher.

Costa may have just asked for the challenge of a lifetime though--the man just got engaged to Brooke Hogan.

Costa, 25, as you can see got done on one knee and popped the question to Brooke (also 25). As you can see in this picture she obviously said yes.

Yeah, it looks like the cameraman might have been a little excited too.

Being married to a babe like Brooke is not going to be the hard part. Costa, who is a pretty big boy in his own right, will now have a bigger challenge on his hands than trying to keep Tony Romo upright--getting the Hulkster to quit posting pics of his daughter's awesome legs and commenting on them.

If football doesn't pan out for him I think the most famous professional wrestler in the history of pro wrestling might be able to get him an interview with Vince McMahon over with WWE.

Anyway...congrats to the happy couple!

[Photos from Brooke Hogan's Instagram page]

I have to say it--whatcha going do Phil when millions of Hulkamaniacs run wild on you?

I' m a fan. I couldn't help it.

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