Thursday, June 13, 2013

Denver Broncos Have Released Willis McGahee

Willis McGahee has been talking as if he expected to be the starting running back for the Denver Broncos this coming season. As it turns out he isn't even going to be on the roster. The team announced Thursday morning that they have released the often-injured running back.

The emergence of Knowshon Moreno towards the end of last season--and after McGahee was out with another injury--marked the beginning of the end of his time in Denver. When the team drafted Wisconsin running back Montee Ball his release was inevitable.
"I knew it was going to happen. It is what it is. They are going younger."
In nine seasons McGahee has rushed for just over over 8000 yards and scored 63 touchdowns. He has been an effective runnner when healthy, but that has been the hard part for him. Of his nine season in the leageu he has only played in all 16 games three times.

It would not be surprising to see McGahee catch on somewhere, but at 31 he is at the age where most running backs start to lose a step. Tack on his injury history and he might have a hard time making it onto a roster in time for training camp.

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