Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DeSean Jackson is Not Done With Drew Rosenhaus Yet

Agents have not been getting much love lately. First there was Geno Smith ditching his when--gasp--he did not go in the first round. Then Dee Milner ditched his because he did not go high enough in the first round. Rob Gronkowski joked about ditching his.

Now Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has ditched his, but said agent--Drew Rosenhaus-- is not done with him.

Rosenhaus (who happens to be the Gronk's agent) has been fired by Jackson and has now filed a claim against Jackson to recover over $400K in unpaid loans.

Prior to signing his contract extension it was widely known that Jackson was not smart with his rookie wages and pretty blew what the made. Being the good agent that he was, Rosenhaus loaned his client some money (likely knowing Jackson would eventually cash in) doing so a number of times from March '09 to November of last season.

So Rosenhaus answered the call when Jackson said how he could help him--well, help him. Time for Jackson to return the Quan to his former ambassador.

It's not like Jackson can't afford it so he should be able to just pay up. Or maybe he is too buy trying to get Jay-Z to produce his rap album.

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