Sunday, June 23, 2013

Drew Brees is Fine; Car Accident Story is a Hoax

The World Wide Web of pranksters strikes again! Their victim--New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Who is okay--honest.

For some reason people have decided that it is funny to go on the internet--be it on a blog, forum, chat group, social media--and start serious injury or death rumors about celebrities. Drew Brees fell victim to the crazies with a story that talked about the Saints QB getting in a car accident and breaking both legs in the process.

Which was of course 100 percent false--so says the man himself over his own Twitter account.

This particular story came from a website that to be fair does not claim to be telling the truth in any way, shape,or form. It in fact states quite clearly that the stories on the site are 100 percent fabricated and meant for entertainment purposes only.

Which begs the question--how in the world is this entertaining? Oh wait--because thousands of people seem to fall for it because they don't pay enough attention to the site they are looking at. Than again, some of them are not as upfront as this one that comes with a disclaimer.

Heck, go to the home page of the site and you see that it is called 'Celebrity Fake News Hoax Generator.'

That might be a pretty big tell.

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