Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fans Love Them Some Yu Darvish Bobbleheads!

We always want to call these things early in the season, but after 13 starts, a 7-2 record, a 2.75 ERA, coming within a batter of a perfect game, and a MLB leading 118 strikeouts (including five game with 10+) it may be safe to make the call.

Yu Darvish is not going to have a sophomore slump--and the fans are loving it! Many of the 40,000+ that made Tuesday's game against the Cleveland Indians are loving their new Yu Darvish bobble-head dolls.

Monday's game had right around 33,000 in attendance so when 40K+ showed up for Tuesday's contest it was not hard to figure out why. They all wanted one of the 20,000 Yu Darvish Bobble Head Dolls that the team was going to be giving out.

These suckers were a hot commodity even before they were handed out. Some fans arrived at the park before 3 PM to wait in line. The park didn't open till 5 PM and the game wasn't scheduled to start till after 8 PM.

And we're talking about waiting in that scorching Texas heat!

For some it could end up being a pretty lucrative wait. Some of the Yu Darvish bobble heads are already popping up on EBay. In Japan they are already going for more than $100! Just imagine what is going to happen to that price as the supply drops and he continues to have an awesome season....

I think it is safe to say what the fans will do as the season progresses--they will love them some Yu Darvish.

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