Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in GIFs

With a third straight trip to the NBA Finals on the line the Miami Heat came up big in Game 7 against the Indiana Pacers running away with it after the first period en route to a 99-76 win. What better way to celebrate and enjoy the win than to review it in GIFs?

Of course what better way to start then with the slam that started LeBron James off for the night?

When LeBron is in the zone like he was you know we are going to see more than one highlight reel style slam.

It wasn't all about dunks for LeBron though. We had us a pretty nice strategic flop too.

Flopping seems to be a thing this post season. Paul George for one is tired of it.

Key to victory was the emergence of Dwyane Wade from his post season cocoon.

Pat Riley was certainly happy about it.

Back from suspension, the Birdman got into the act in the second period.

This guy was real happy about it.

By time the second half started the game was really under control by the Heat; so much so that someone bothered to make a GIF of this guy (whoever the heck he is) drinking water.

It sure made Chris Bosh pretty excited.

Got Shaq so excited the big man fell down.

And Sad Spiderman is once again sad.

Awesome job on most of these gifts by @cjzero!

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