Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Herm Edwards Cuts to the Chase on Dez Bryant

ESPN is chock full of personalities and on occasion some of them actually make sense when they talk about things sports related--like when former NFL head coach Herm Edwards spoke about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant recently.

Bryant is an exceptional talent; there is no arguing that. Like Edwards said, there is more to success than talent. The most gifted players can't figure out how to truly trap into those talents if they are too immature to learn what they need to do, and then stay out of trouble long enough to get the chance to do it.

For his part, Dez has been talking the right talk lately. If anything, the only thing he's done lately that could be questionable is claiming he's on the verge of a 2000 yard/20 touchdown season.

On one hand you can pass it off to just having high expectations and wanting to do the most for his team. On the other a more mature player might have mentioned doing something that another player has actually done before.

Yeah, it's a pretty minor ting if you even want to call it a thing,  but what can I cay--the kid's been behaving lately.

If his biggest crime is going to be shooting for the stars I think Dallas fans will take it. Should Dez really want to be as great as he says he wants to be and thinks he is he may want to pay attention to guys like Herm Edwards.

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