Thursday, June 27, 2013

#Hernandezing Finally Going to Replace Tebowing?

First there was planking. Then came Tebowing. A weak attempt to get Griffining going didn't last. Kaepernicking came close to becoming the next big thing, but I don't think it quite made it. However, we may finally have the next craze; the next thing that everyone is going to be doing.


Yes, people being--well, people--are going to poke fun at something as serious as a man getting arrested for murder.

Why former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had to have his arms inside his shirt when he was cuffed and led away from his house is kind of a mystery, but the internet has taken the look and run with it.

These are just a few of the memes that have popped up online:

They are doing it at the gym.

They are doing it at work.

Heck, even little kiddos are getting in on it.

I'm not sure what Bradying was, but this one says it ended two years ago.

You know you have a craze on your hands when there's a t-shirt!

And that's just the t-shirt ones. Apparently folks are spoofing is gun in the mirror pic as well.

Yeah, I think #Hernandezing might be the next big thing.


  1. The funniest is the dude with the gaming controller.. that's pretty darn good.. nice write up..

    1. Yeah, I thought that was pretty good too.