Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Dress For Success in the NBA: Miami's Big Three Keeping it Real (funny)

Was anyone else wondering what happened to the fashion once the NBA Finals started? For some odd reason there just hasn't been anything worth talking about since the series began. If anyone was going to sport something strange it would be the Heat

That is, until now.

Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James may have discovered the secret to their success; dress like weirdos and they all three play a great game.

Photo via Big Lead Sports

Love it LeBron. What do you call it man? Your  'I'm an angry trucker militant trucker whose headphones cost more than the rest of the outfit' look?

Or are you simply going to war?

Chris Bosh looked like he was ready to go to class. The Spurs were looking to school him, but with a solid double-double I'd say he might have been the one doing some teaching.

Then there was D-wade showing off the Way of Wade. There is too much that could be said about this one, from the purse to the pants he borrowed from Kevin Hart to the jacket that looks like--heck, just see for yourself.

Laugh all you want folks (and I will), but these three guys rocked the house in Game 4 so I'd expect an encore in Gae 5 Sunday.

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