Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It is Not a Good Day for the NFL [UPDATE]

As if it wasn't bad enough that Aaron Hernandez has been in the spotlight for his possible role in the murder of a friend and finally arrested Wednesday morning. Now there is word that another NFL player has been arrested on charges of attempted murder.

He's not a household name like Hernandez, but people in Virginia at least are well aware of who he is. Former Virginia Cavalier linebacker Ausar Walcott has been arrested on charges of attempted murder after punching someone in the head outside of a strip club Sunday morning around 3 AM.

Friends of the victim took him to the hospital and he is now in critical condition.

Walcot went undrafted but has been signed by the Clevland Browns. He has already turned himself into authorities.

UPDATE: As could be expected, Walcott has been released from the Browns.

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