Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jason Garrett Unhappy as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys or Just a Nice Guy?

It has been an off-season that Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett likely can't wait to be over. Some were calling for his head after a disappointing '12 campaign. That never appeared to enter into owner Jerry Jones's mind, but Jones did see fit to set the stage for Garett's ouster should the team stumble again in '13 by stripping him of play calling duties for the offense.

Garett has to know what that means and has been clearly upset by it, especially since it took months for the little controversy to play out in the media. So it would be understandable if he was a bit unhappy with where he is right now.

Maybe, just maybe he saw the changes coming a long time ago; even before the '12 season was officially over. If so that could be why he didn't offer up what he did for a living when he had a conversation with actress Olivia Munn back during Super Bowl week in New Orleans.

Miss Munn recently shared a story with about meeting and speaking with the head coach of her favorite team.

Apparently the two were at an event and Garret walked up and mentioned he was a fan of Munn's HBO show, The Newsroom. That must have been enough for Garret to break the ice, and the coach engaged in a lengthy conversation with the actress about her approach to acting.

Garrett was impressed enough with what he heard that he asked her to come speak to his team. When she didn't know what team he coached she was taken aback when he said the Dallas Cowboys.
“That’s how nice he is,” Munn said. “He’s not like, ‘Hey, I’m the head coach.’ I literally had to ask him every question. … He’s the guy when he’s talking to you, he’s not telling you he’s the head coach. It takes like 30 minutes to get to that.”
Either that or maybe Garret assumed she knew who she was talking to since it was a football-related event and he is a pretty famous football coach, but her explanation is a lot nicer.

It could also be because she is kinda hot and Garrett (yes, the married Garrett) was a little distracted?

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