Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jay Cutler's Wedding Ring is Black?

Sports fans-- it's true. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is off the market--the one women shop for men at least. He and girlfriend/baby momma Kristin Cavallari got married Friday.

For some reason-- maybe a relentless paparazzi that would have camped out to catch a shot of Smokin' Joe and his reality starlet bride--the duo decided to do it in secret. How the managed to pull it off is a mystery, but kudos for making it happen.

What is a little shocking though is the choice in style of bands by the happy couple. Or more like Jay's choice since Kristin's is really pretty normal:

A black wedding band Jay? Really?

Dude, it's normal to think of marriage as 'the end' but you are not supposed to be so up front and morbid about it!

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