Friday, June 7, 2013

Johnny Manziel and Ryan Swope Star in Country Music VIdeo

The bar is set pretty high for whomever wins the next Heisman trophy thanks to Jonnny Manziel. Johnny Football has had a heck of year since becoming the first freshman to ever win college football's most prestigious award.

I'm talking partying with all sorts of stars, hanging out with the elite that the NBA has to offer, a smoking hot girlfriend, been on every talk show, is favored to be only the second person to ever win the Heisman twice, thrown out a few pitches at ball parks...the list could go on and on for this kid and he isn't even old enough to legally drink yet!

When you've done everything that he's done in the last year what is there really left to do (other than just go to class)? You star in a country music video.

Rising country music star Granger Smith is a 2002 grad of Texas A&M and a big fan of the football team (just like any good Aggie). The team has been on stage with him before so when it came time to shoot the video for his song Silverado Bench Seat who better to be in it than some of A&M's finest?

Along with Manziel is former wide receiver Ryan Swope who was recently drafted by the Arizona Cardinals (and should do pretty well lining up across from Larry Fitzgerald).

With that NFL paycheck coming in now Swope is likely loving life too.

I'm sure there will be plenty that will be critical of the young QB; they won't care about Swope since he graduated. They will say he is too out there and needs to reign it in so he can concentrate on football.

They have a point. All the hoopla that surrounds Manziel can be distracting and could possibly take away from his game.

And when--or rather if--it does I am sure head coach Kevin Sumlin will do something about it..

Till then--party on Johnny Football. 

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