Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kissing Female Miami Heat Fans Identified--and Their Porn Stars

Tuesday I posted a pic of two lovely young Miami Heat fans--women--who were so excited watching the Miami Heat win that they had to lock lips.

Yep. I'm talking two chicks kissing here.

I found the pic over at Busted Coverage who had sworn to find out who these two babes were. You know, because there is nothing you can't find on the internet these days. Sure enough, they found the answer--and its awesome.

They are porn stars.

Let me introduce to you Miss Aurielee Summers and the lovely Miss Luna Star.

Kind of makes you wonder what the rest of her sign says, huh?

If you want you can see a lot more of them in the gallery that the good folks at Busted Coverage came up with (you guys are awesome by the way).

No word on if it was a stunt to promote a movie or if they were just caught up in the moment and didn't care what anyone thought. Miss Summers (no word on if that is here real name or not; I'll give you two guesses on whether Luna Star is her real name) does have a new flick coming out, Lesbian Stepsisters 4.

What, like you haven't seen the other three?

Great job Busted Coverage; some real fine investigative work.

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