Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Metta World Peace Tweets How Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich is So Smart

Metta World Peace is my new favorite person on Twitter. Following the San Antonio Spurs blowout win over the Miami Heat Tuesday night the man formerly known as Ron Artest took to the popular social media outlet to express his praise of the job that Spurs head coach Greg Popovich is doing by telling people how smart Popovich is.

Metta World Peace has not been shy in his admiration of Popovich in the past. Earlier this season he made the news when he commented on how he thought Popovich could coach a team of old ladies and turn them into winners (with the help of some chocolate chip cookies):
"...He's amazing. That coach is something else. I just know he draws up plays where he could have five old ladies after they eat 14 boxes of chocolate chip cookies. He'll put them on the court, and they'll win. That's how good Popovich is."
Following Game Three he sent out the following tweets with the hash tag #popovichissosmart:

Okay so not all of them are drop dead funny, but they are certainly entertaining.

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