Sunday, June 30, 2013

Minnesota Vikings to Get a New Home for Training Camp After Old One Imploded

The Minnesota Vikings are all about moving forward and becoming one of if not the best team in the NFL this coming season. They've added some weapons to the team that should make the offense even more potent than it already was. They have brand-spanking new uniforms they are going to be wearing this season and a new state-of-the-art stadium on the way as well.

You would think that there would be nothing left of the old, not-so-good team to be left behind--but you would be wrong.

Nothing wrong or in need of changing here of course!
When it comes time for training camp the team will not be sleeping in the same place that the team has for the last 47 years--Gage Hall on the Minnesota State University campus in Mankato. Why? That sucker is coming down!

The same place where greats like Fran Tarkenton stayed during training camp was imploded on Saturday in order to make room for new construction.

Want to see the explosion? or rather the implosion?

So their new home may be more because the university is looking to move onward and upward, but that still means the team is going to have a new place to lay their heads during training camp this year. Camp will still be at Minnesota State U.

But clearly there will be no one sleeping in Gage Hall anymore.

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  1. niversity of Mankato... finish the sentence.