Sunday, June 9, 2013

Patience Houston Astros Fans-- Help is on the Way!

For those that think winning is not everything, but the only thing—well, you are probably not a fan of the Houston Astros. If they were measured solely off of wins and losses the Astros would be the disappointment that many assumed they were going to be when the 2013 MLB season started.

However, if you delve a little deeper and look past the win/loss columns these guys are not half bad.

Don’t laugh! Yes, the numbers in the win/loss columns are important. To look at the Astros in that context only is depressing. So if that is your thing then fine, but there is hope if you look for it hard enough.

Of course the easiest source of that hope is the recently completed MLB draft. Houston had the No. 1 pick for the second season in a row. This year they took a guy they thought about taking last year—Stanford pitcher Mark Appel...

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